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ISUZI VPB20-3 Dark Red Leather Buckle Guitar Strap

ISUZI VPB20-3 Dark Red Leather Buckle Guitar Strap

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The ISUZI VPB20-3 Dark Red Leather Buckle Guitar Strap is a high-quality strap designed for both comfort and style. The strap is made from soft, durable leather in a orange shade colour, which feels comfortable against your skin and distributes the weight of your guitar evenly.

The strap features a buckle fastening system, which allows you to easily adjust the length of the strap to fit your body size and playing style. The buckle is made from durable metal and is easy to use, ensuring that the strap will stay securely fastened while you play.

Overall, the ISUZI VPB20-2 Orange Leather Buckle Guitar Strap is a stylish and comfortable accessory for any guitar player. Its bold color and buckle fastening system make it a great choice for musicians who want to stand out on stage or in the studio, while its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come. It's a great investment for any musician looking for a high-quality strap that will both look and feel great.

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