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ISUZI AA-2 Portable Guitar & Uke Amp

ISUZI AA-2 Portable Guitar & Uke Amp

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The ISUZI AA-2 Portable Guitar & Uke Amp is a high-quality, versatile amplifier designed for busking, street performances, and small gigs. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it a great choice for musicians who are always on the go.

One of the standout features of the GA-25 is its ability to mount onto a microphone stand, which allows you to position it at the perfect height for your performance. This feature is particularly useful for busking or street performances, where finding a stable surface for your amplifier can be challenging.

The AA-2 has a microphone input, which allows you to connect a microphone and use it for vocals or acoustic instruments. This is particularly useful for musicians who perform solo or in small groups, as it eliminates the need for a separate PA system.

The amplifier is also designed specifically for acoustic instruments, such as guitars and ukuleles. It has a clean, transparent sound that accurately reproduces the natural tone of your instrument. It has a built-in EQ and volume controls, allowing you to fine-tune your sound to suit your playing style and performance environment.

The GA-25 is powered by batteries or an AC adapter, providing you with flexibility and convenience in terms of power supply. It also has a headphone output, allowing you to practice quietly or monitor your sound during a performance.

Overall, the ISUZI AA-2 Portable Guitar & Uke Amp is a great choice for any musician looking for a high-quality, portable amplifier for busking, street performances, or small gigs. Its microphone input, ability to mount onto a microphone stand, and acoustic-specific design make it a versatile and useful tool for any performer.

View some key features below: 

  • Rechargeable battery for portability & Mains powered
  • XLR & Line microphone input for vocals
  • Strap to carry the amplifier
  • Tone controls: Bass, Trebble delay – Digital effects on 2 channels
  • Bluetooth & AUX input for backing tracks
  • Able to be mounted to speaker stand
  • Quality wooden casing
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